Visa Information

Request the Conference Invitation Letter (For Chinese Visa Application Purpose)

1. The conference invitation letter is available for international participants for the Chinese visa application purpose. For invitation letter preparation, please kindly provide us the filled Form1 in time.
Download Form1 2020 ASPDAC Participant Information.

2. Please send (1) the properly filled Form1 together with (2) the scaned copy of your passport (at least 6 months valid before expiration) information page in PDF format to Ms. Li.

3. The duration of the invitation letter preparation is 8-10 working days. We suggest to start the invitation letter requesting at least 2 months before the conference.

Invitation Letter for Chinese Mainland Attendees

Please download the Chinese version invitation letter (2.26MB) for your reimbursement.

Last Updated on: Nov 15, 2019